NYC FC Continues to Search for Homes - Permanent and Temporary

by Michael Lewis on Mar.22.2014
  1. NEW YORK -- Less than a year from it's opening kickoff, New York City FC is still looking for a home.

    The Major League Soccer expansion team hasn't made a decision as to where it will play its games when it begins next season or in the years beyond.

    NYC FC wants to take its time to get it right for the short and long term.

    "As we've shared before, we're spending a lot of time on it," NYC FC Chief Business Officer Tim Pernetti said at the club's badge unveiling at the Adidas Store in Manhattan on Thursday night. "We're definitely looking for a home, not just a place to play. We're going to spend as much time we need to spend, not only the people we need to in the boroughs, where we're looking, but the administration. We're going to work through it in the most productive and positive way possible. When we have news, we're going to tell you guys."

    There also was no new news about a temporary stadium until a permanent one could be built.

    Yankee Stadium in the Bronx has been an option, but the Yankees who are part owners of NYC FC, are worried about the soccer team ripping up the outfield over a 20-game season. When the New York Cosmos played at the stadium in 1971 and 1976, the Yankees had the final word on whether the North American Soccer League could play on the storied ballpark on rainy days. Several games were postponed and played at later dates.

    Pernetti said the team has made progress on a temporary stadium as well.

    "We've been great progress on that," he said. "We've been pretty clear from the beginning that we're going to have a home before we actually have a home. We've made great progress on it. We're not ready to talk about it yet. But we will be soon."

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