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We are always looking for new writers.

Whether you are an experienced soccer journalist, a young and ambitious soccer writer or just a well informed and literate fan, we are interested in hearing from you.

We will treat all applications equally and everyone has the chance to start.

To begin, please go to the Sign Up link on our home page and create a profile. At that point, you are ready to submit an article which will be a better way for us to decide if you are a good fit for us, than a resume.

All applicants will be judged by their work quality not by reputation. If you are experienced, we will see it in your work. If you are raw but have potential, we will mentor you.

We accept articles in English only. We are especially, but not exclusively, looking for people who live in MLS markets, and people with extensive knowledge of countries who have qualified for the World Cup.

Lastly, we are also looking for current or former players and coaches to be guest columnists. Please also let us know of your interest in writing by this method, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.