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Content rules
Respect Soccerly's topics We are a soccer site, so we ask you to write precisely about this. You can write about an event, you can send your opinion or raise an idea, but focus on why we're here for...our passion for soccer. Original Content We're serious here, what you publish is 100% thought and written by you. Play fair, no plagiarism tolerated. If you're quoting some statements or phrases that someone else has said, you should be very clear in the credits or appropriate references, and you can only use it to enrich your text. If any illegal use of copyright is detected it will give us grounds to delete the user's account and the offender will not be able to publish with us again. Offensive language Use of language that is vulgar, discriminatory in any way, offensive, invasive of private life or denigrates someone's profession is unacceptable and will not be published. Any malicious or repetitive cases in which any of the above occurs will carry immediate termination of the user's account. Content verification Any sentence, statement, action or behavior you attribute to someone should be 100% verifiable. You are not allowed to publish gossip or issues impossible to prove. It is not enough that you're convinced that something happened, you must have the means to check everything you say about someone.

In Soccerly references can only be used if they can be proved through some media outlet and whether it is recorded on audio or video, or is printed in a reliable publication. It can also come from a book, magazine or website.
No gossip or unverifiable statements, nor words that have been issued under pressure, threats, in a private circle or by recordings without authorization involved will be published. In case of a personal interview, you will need to have the audio and the backing of the interviewee to publish their words. If necessary, Soccerly may request confirmation directly with the subject being quoted.