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Jose Mourinho appeared to be satisfied with his team's effort  in today's Boxing Day 1-0 win against Swansea City.

The Portuguese head coach gave massive credit to Swansea's goalie Gerhard Tremmel for the amount of fantastic saves he made: “We got a deserved victory, an important victory and today I can say that the biggest responsible for our lack of goals was their goalkeeper because he made three or four big saves.”, responded Mourinho to the first question about his feelings on the game in the post-match press conference.

“We did not miss anything, their goalkeeper made those fantastic saves, the first stop save on Eto'o the save was brilliant, the save in the first minute of the second half is the same so he made some good saves.”, he added.

Mourinho was also very clear on the hard time he has in every game: when Chelsea leave the result in doubt until the end: "They didn't let me relax, they kill me, but again I'm tired on every game at the end”, he said. 

However, the Portuguese coach also gave details on the small bits that give him satisfaction when his team is performing on the pitch: "In that moment i felt the the action was good,  David's pass just in front of me was good, Mata's control was fantastic. Eto'o attacks the ball perfectly. I prefer that than my striker not to be there. My striker made the right movement to attack the ball and the goalkeeper made a fantastic save.", he commented about Tremmel's superb save against Eto'o 15 seconds into the second half.

About the penalty not awarded in the first half on Eden Hazard: “There was a big penalty for us that did not count. It was the kind of penalty that many coaches would be complaining about here for two hours. I just say it was a big penalty but I don't want to say more”, said Mourinho.

But there was one player that stood out for Mourinho and that was he Belgian wonder Eden Hazard: "I'm happy. The kid gave everything and his last action in the game was defending out of the box in a situation that was really dangerous and the kid got tired because of the his intense game because it's his way of playing. 

"Two days ago he gave everything so when I took him off the kid was exhausted but I needed a fresh player to control the game",  he commented after introducing Willian for Hazard late into the game.

The crowd obviously felt the same way, giving the Belgian wide midfielder a standing ovation as he left.

Meanwhile, Swans' coach Michael Laudrup was not dissatisfied given the loss.