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The five time 'Pichichi' winner Hugo Sanchez has come out to defend compatriot Carlos Vela after his decision of not going to the Mexican Soccer Team for this year's World Cup celebrated in Brazil. The Real Sociedad striker's decision was allegedly made because he chose not to take a spot from someone who deserved it more than he did for the World Cup. But there is more to this story than what is told.

Carlos Vela's situation goes way back to when José Manuel de la Torre was training el Tri. The striker felt rejection from the Mexican Federation for his behavior off the field when he was a much younger player and was less mature in many aspects of his life. This became key in his negative response to future call ups from 'Chepo' de la Torre and since 2011 he never went back to the Mexican National Team roster throughout the whole World Cup Qualification process.

Hugo Sanchez spoke with Radio Marca this past Wednesday to talk about Vela's decision of not going to el Tri's future call-ups for the World Cup and stood up for him publicly: "I went through what Carlos Vela is living right now and that's why I stand out for him. He's not saying no to his country and I understand him for all the unfair criticism he's enduring right now."

When he talked about the open letter Carlos Vela shared, explaining his reasons of not going with the Mexican National Soccer Team, Hugo talked about the attacks Carlos has received in the past years: "Carlos needs to be defended from the attacks coming from the media. He is saying no because of a situation that he thinks is unfair and this is the best Mexican player we are talking about. Something of the likes happened to me. It's not a normal decision, but he does not want to take a spot of a teammate that was a part of all the World Cup process." He stated.

To finish his opinion on the matter, Hugo Sanchez defended Vela's posture by stating that the player's pride came first over a National Interest decision and he expressed his full support to the Real Sociedad striker: "But overall, Vela's situation was an 'off the field' decision and he moved aside out of dignity and pride." He finished.

Real Madrid has started 2014 like a tank. Carlo Ancelotti's squad has only received 13 shots on goal and still has a clean sheet on all the games played in January. It appears to be the perfect start for all of Real Madrid players, but Cristiano Ronaldo's success-driven hunger tells him that more and more is needed to be the best player. He already has the second Ballon d'Or in his hands - which he shared with the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the last La Liga game his team won against Granada- but there's a new obsession for the best player in the world.

At the end of the 1980's, Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez became world famous for his particular way of striking the ball to score goals. The most impressive of his striking repertoire was his bicycle kick which then became known as the 'Huguiña'. Ronaldo has been seen trying to imitate this in all the games he's played in 2014 and he's been getting better and better every time he tries it. Last game against Granda at the Bernabeu he managed to hit the ball properly but the goalkeeper made a spectacular save to a beautiful Ronaldo bicycle kick attempt.

But this is not the first time the Portuguese player has bad luck with this specific type of way to hit the ball. It was back in October 7th, 2006 when Luiz Felipe Scolari managed the Portuguese National Team that he scored a so called 'Phantom Goal' in a fantastic bicycle kick attempt during a Qualification match for the 2008 Nations Euro Cup against Azerbaijan. During that night, Ronaldo should have scored a hat-trick because that bicycle kick attempt went clearly through the goal line in the replay but English ref Mark Halsey chose not to count the spectacular goal CR7 had just scored after a superb shoulder assist by Deco.

Surely Ronaldo will eventually score a crafted goal like this, but so far he's had bad luck in all attempts he's tried. It is also quite difficult to imitate legendary Hugo Sanchez in his signature move, but in last game against Granada Ronaldo came very close to landing a near perfect bicycle kick goal if it hadn't been for a marvelous save. This attempt made all Real Madrid fans remember Hugo's best goal with Los Blancos against Logroñes in Copa del Rey. His strike was so perfect that it's now known as the most symmetrical and perfect bicycle kick goal in history. 

The goal gained more importance because when you read Logroñes backwards it says "Señorgol" (Mister goal in English). Ronaldo's kick came pretty close to Sanchez's, too bad for him it didn't go inside the net.

You can watch both attempts and compare which one was more perfect, Ronaldo's attempt or Hugo Sanchez's beautiful and now legendary goal.

Back when Hugo Sanchez won the Golden Boot in the 1989-1990 season, all of his 38 goals were scored at first touch, an achievement no other soccer player has ever made in football history.