Cruz Azul are currently a good pace through the Clausura 2014, bringing delight to their fan-base, something that has not happened in a long time. La "Maquina Cementera" marches forward with five victories and a draw so far this season.  

Goalkeeper Jose de Jesus Corona attributes this good pace to the leadership that the team has demonstrated on the field. “The commitment we have to each other has been very important, as well as with the group overall,” Corona said during a media session in the La Noria training grounds. 

“We want to continue working as we have. We know that the only way to keep up this level is to push ourselves on a daily basis.”

Push themselves is what the team is doing every week. In six games the Azulinos have outscored their opponents 13-2.

Despite having such a large goal differential on their opponents, there are only two players with three goals. The remaining goals have come from a team effort.

“It is important to have leadership on the field, and not just three or four, I think we’ve shown to have 11 leaders on the pitch, that’s what’s made the difference from the start,” Corona continued. “We want to keep up the same pace.”

The Cementeros have the chance to keep up the good pace in Saturday’s game when they take on Puebla FC at the Azul Stadium in Mexico City. La Franja is not doing too well, but also not doing too bad in La Liga MX.  

Puebla has drawn on four occasions and only lost a single game. Corona went on to say that the team cannot relax stating that it would be an error on their part.

“We’re doing well. We started the tournament well. But we must not fall to overconfidence,” Corona concluded.

Mexico National team coach Miguel 'Piojo' Herrera revealed that he wont call up players from Europe for the game against South Korea that will be played on January 29 in San Antonio, Texas.

The Mexican manager made a brief trip to the United States to preview El Tri's first game in Texas during the pre- World Cup tour, and gave away a few names of players that will receive a call up for the match to be played at the end of the month. 

All of the players he named are from Liga MX, who on friday entered its second week of competition as part of the Clausura 2014 tournament. They are: Rafael Marquez, Miguel Layun, Francisco 'Maza' Rodriguez, Paul Aguilar, Oribe Peralta, Moises Muñoz, Alberto Medina, Carlos Peña, Montes and Jose de Jesus Corona.

Speaking about El Tri's rivals as part of their pre-World Cup schedule (against South Korea, Ecuadror & Nigeria), Herrera commented that the Mexican Federation wasn't looking for friendlies against 'Brazil caliber' teams. 

"We are not looking a squad similar in lever to Brazil for they are one of the best National Teams in the world, it would be stupid to compare any of those teams with Brazil but we are looking for squads that come close to their level of competition.We can compare Nigeria to Cameroon because they are an African team and reside in the same area, and Ecuador because they are a South American team." He added.

About the players that play their trade in Europe,  'El Piojo' said that: "Being in Europe guarantees nothing for them, if they don't raise competitive level in their clubs it will be difficult to bring them here. I want everyone to have the largest quantity of played minutes in the field so they can be in top level. I will go to Europe and give them a follow up constantly by going to their games." He concluded.

Mexico's schedule before traveling to Brazil is as follows:

- Against South Korea on January 29 at San Antonio's Alamodome
- Against Nigeria on March 5th in Atlanta's Georgia Dome
- Against Ecuador on May 31st in AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas.