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Real Madrid will soon begin their match against Granada in the early morning of February 3. Head coach Jose Mourinho chose his habitual silence towards the media. Instead, the young winger Jose Callejon attended the news conference. Speaking of the negative news about Messi's reported insult in the national derby, Callejon said “it was true”. He heard that the king of Barca cursed in the players’ tunnel after the game.


He said: "I saw the whole thing and I am sure that Messi scolded Karanka ‘Mourinho’s puppet’ when I was right by Karanka’s side at that time. I don’t know what else did he added after. But I think that the conflict between Messi and Arbeloa in the parking lot was totally unnecessary. I understand that an intense game like a National Derby will inevitably create conflict in this point. Although we often had fights or discords, we soon regret those bad words that we said on the field. But a player like Messi should definitely not waiting for one hour or even one and a half in the parking lot just to argue with others. Especially since they were with their wife or family.


Comparing this to last year when Mourinho waited for the referee after the game for an hour, Callejon explained that "When it came to the coaches, the situation is totally different. I saw the photo that he was waiting for the referees’ bus but I don’t know what on earth he had said."

Is it that the draw with Barcelona already a victory for Real? The winger said: "We always want to be on the top. We don’t want our opponent to score a single goal. But this is almost impossible when you are facing Barca, the team with the most amazing attacking players in the world. Now what we need is to go to the Camp Nou with the determination to qualify for the final."'