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Although Barcelona is the best team in the world today, they still have their weaknesses. Their goalkeeper is often criticized for not performing well, they are criticized for not having any number 9s to put the ball in the back of the net, and they are often said to need a new center back. The latter became all too clear today after their 3-1 loss to Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey. Both Pique and Puyol (especially the former) had a miserable time on the pitch against Ronaldo and company. Pique doesn't seem to have the quality to become a world class defender (right now at least), while Puyol, although a great center back, has not been performing so well in recent weeks. Just take a look at how many goals Barcelona have conceded in their last 11 games- at least 1 per game! At the start of the season everybody assumed the Blaugrana would greatly improve their defense with the return of Gerard and Carles. But now, it is quite clear that Barça find themselves in the same position they were in the summer- in need of a center back. But who would fit?

These are the 5 great options for center defenders who could have a wonderful impact at Barça

Nemanja Vidic
Vidic has often been linked with the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona in the past. The Serb is one of the most experienced center backs in the modern game, and the quality he brings to the table is evident when watching United with him vs. United without him. Vidic would be the number one choice for a center back for Barcelona. His current contract with United ends in 2014 but it would be worth it for Barca to splash the cash on him in the summer in order to reinforce their back line.