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Neymar: Messi was one of the best players in the World Cup
by Diego Diaz on Jul.22.2014
In a recent interview for the Brazilian newspaper O' Globo, international star Neymar came to the defense of FC Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi against a wave of criticism surrounding the...

Rafael Marquez against Mathieu's signing for Barça
by Soccerly on Jul.22.2014
Rafael Marquez has questioned Barcelona's transfer target Jeremy Mathieu. "I don't think he has the profile to play for Barça, especially at that price," stated the former Barcelona...

Neymar not concerned over trial 
by Soccerly on Jul.22.2014
Neymar is currently on holiday and isn't giving the ongoing trial over his signing a second thought. The Brazilian, who has never himself been implicated in the case, remains focused on recovering...
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